Digestion Problem

Digestion Problem Solution

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Many people suffer from various digestion problems. Digestion is very important part of for our health. We get our all nutrition through what we eat and what we drink. The food we eat, goes into digestive track through food pipe. Then in stomach, in small intestine and lastly in large intestine, food gets digested step by step. Finally, all good nutrients from food get absorbed as a nutrition and rest is passed out as stool.

With the above explanation, we understand that digestion process start as soon as the food is put in the mouth and ends at large intestine. Therefore, any problem in this digestive track can affect your digestion badly.

Top 4 Digestion Problems

  1. Indigestion – Here, person feels hungry but his digestion is poor, so after eating food he feels bloated, gas formed, frequent burping which smells of food you have eaten.
  2. Acidity – This is the most frequent problem that occurs in the society. There is burning sensation in the chest and stomach. Feels sour test in the mouth. Appetite is erratic. Sometimes you feel extremely hungry and cannot tolerate it sometimes there is hardly you feel like eating. Severe headache is another main sign. In severe acidity, you tend to vomit.
  3. Anorexia – There is very less appetite. Person is not eager to eat. This problem is deeply related to the psychology of the person too.
  4. Digestion has lot to do with psychology of the person. If you are healthy, in a good mood you feel hungry and the food which you eat also gets digested well. But of you are depressed, feeling low or very anxious and nervous your digestion goes for a toss.

So food intake, digestion of food and your nutrition goes hand in hand and it is closely connected to your psychology too.

Digestion Problem Solution
Digestion Problem Solution

Digestion Problem Symptoms

  1. Bloating – one feels the stomach is bloated and full
  2. Stomach ache – You get cramping pains in the stomach or sometimes it is very mild pain. As food is digested pain is relived
  3. Nausea – when you see food you feel nausiatic, do not feel like having that food
  4. Constipation – Improper digestion leads to constipation and the stool becomes hard.
  5. Burning sensation in the stomach – Feel very hot and burning in the stomach
  6. Coated tongue – Getting your tongue faintly white coated can be a sign of indigestion
  7. Loss of appetite – You do not feel hungry.
Digestion Problem Symptoms
Digestion Problem Symptoms

Digestion Problem Causes

There can be multiple reasons by which your digestion goes for a toss. This is very true that once the stomach is disturbed, you feel very upset and disturbed. Moreover, you do not feel like eating and that adds to fatigue. That is why it is said, digestion is key to health.

Many times it so happens that you are doing some wrong things, which is affecting your digestion, but you are very unaware about it. Therefore, this unawareness adds insult to injury and then the digestion becomes really a problem.

Here are some common causes

  1. Eating spicy food very frequently
  2. Eating food with very long gaps in between
  3. Eating food at late in the evening
  4. Frequent consumption of alcohol and eating fried food, starters
  5. Insufficient water intake
Digestion Problem Causes
Digestion Problem Causes

How to improve digestion naturally at home - What is the best food to keep your digestion good?

Yes, good food is the key to good digestion and good digestion is key to good health!

There are some good foods and good food habits, which keep your digestion in a healthy condition.

  1. Have fresh vegetables in your both meals
  2. Have a bowl full of Daal in your every meal. Do not skip it.
  3. Have good amount of fresh salads for breakfast and lunch
  4. Take freshly prepared soups before dinner
  5. Eating a fruit everyday helps good digestion
  6. If you are a nonvegetarian, eat meat for lunch. Avoid eating at dinner time or take good nonveg soups in the evening

So, eating daal, vegetables, salad and a fruit everyday gives you good nutrition. Keeps your digestion smooth and healthy.

How to improve digestion naturally at home
How to improve digestion naturally at home
What is the best food to keep your digestion good
What is the best food to keep your digestion good

Good habit to follow

Having good food habits is equally important as good food.  Why so?

If you eat good food, but eat at a wrong time then it does not help. If you eat full freshly prepared meal at 12 o’clock in the night it is not going to help and create acidity.

Digestion Problem Solution

Our body has a machinery, which works the whole day and goes slow after evening. That is the reason we sleep at night. Now, when the system has gone on a sleeping mode, if you make it work, it does not help. It hurts. So maintaining your body clock is as important as good food.

  1. Always have your breakfast latest by 8 am in the morning
  2. Do not eat only fruits for breakfast
  3. Do not consume milk with breakfast and meals. Have milk one hour before you eat.
  4. Have your lunch around 1 pm in the afternoon and not after that.
  5. Eating snacks in the evening should be in a very small quantity. Alternatively, if you eat good snacks in the evening just have a bowl full of soup for dinner. Do not prolong your dinner time.
  6. Dinner should be taken latest by 8 pm in the evening and not after that.
  7. Do not eat deep fried, oily and very spicy food every day. It should be taken once in a fortnight.
  8. Drink sufficient water throughout the day. Do not consume excessive water but dehydration should be avoided as well.
  9. Having liquids with meals helps food digest well. So having daal, soups, kadhi, sol-kadhi, buttermilk, warm ginger-lime water, jeera-water helps digestion. This liquid portion should be in quantity of a one bowl only.

How to improve digestion? - Digestion Problem Solution

This is the key point.  A person can not be happy if his digestion is not good. So to improve your digestion, the above tips regarding food and food habits are absolutely useful.

One needs to keep consistency in the good food and good food habit. If you just follow it for 10-15 days and then leave it, it will not help. But if you keep consistency for 3-4 months it would reflect on your digestion positively.

So good food with good food habits and consistency leads to healthy digestion!

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