Ayurvedic Face Pack

Ojas Ambrosia ayurvedic face pack for dark spots, acne, dry skin, homemade, face pack for anti aging. This face pack also used for glowing skin.

Ojas Ambrosia Natural face pack is answer to key to your glow on the face.
Everybody wishes to have a great radiant glowing face and this irrespective of age.
Your glowing face gives you a different confidence! That is why Ojas Face pack is designed different way. It can be used by all. It is very easy to use, but there is no compromise on its original, natural
herbal contents.

Every ingredient of this face pack has been picked up very carefully. It is mixed in a very traditional
way which enhances it’s results. Application of this face pack twice in a week will keep your face skin healthy, but if you just want to have that glow quickly before going for a party, this face pack help you as well. 

Application of Ayurvedic Face Pack:
Just apply it 1 hour before you start to get ready. So that your face is moist and with glow. Further light make-up will transform you in a beautiful human!!

One more secret is regular use of this face pack will keep your skin tight and toned so it can be used as anti aging face pack. So glimpses of age fade away and you look young !!

Ayurvedic Face Pack for Women and Men:
This face pack is unisex. It can be used by both males and females.

How to use Ayurvedic (Ayurveda) Face Pack:
We recommend using it, mixed in milk, rose water to give that extra shine !!! for more details contact us.

Ayurvedic Face Pack
ayurvedic face pack for