Body Scrub

Ojas Ambrosia Body Scrub Massage. This body scrub for women and men. Body Scryub for tan removal with lot of benefits. This can be used as body scrub DIY

This is an excellent product by Ojas Ambrosia Naturals….

This is used for skin exfoliation and glow and tan removal. It comes with a nice fragrance. The very much natural and pure herbs are used in this product.

In our day to day routine our skin get exposed to sun, dust, pollution and many other things which are really not very good for your skin.

Why you need Body Scrub?

Our skin is a magical organ. It is under constant process of wear and tear. So many tissues wear out and new tissue formation is taking place. So in this process, many dead cells gets accumulated on the skin. This accumulation of dead skin tissues actually gives a very rough and dull look to the skin.

body scrub
body scrub

How to Apply Body Scrub?

Just take a spoonful of Ojas Ambrosia Naturals body scrub. Add 1 spoon of milk to it for best results and then add simple water to make a paste. Just rub it on your body very gently and then wash it.

The scurb will take away all the dead tissues from the skin and the skin will start glowing !!  Contact Us for more details.

How to gently remove this skin debris? The answer is Ojas Ambrosia Naturals Body scrub!!