Ayurvedic Hair Pack for Hair Growth

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Ojas Ambrosia Hair pack is a unique product. It is specifically designed for head scalp and hair roots.

Hair loss is a very common issue. Unfortunately, in hair fall, the entire focus is on the hair. People frequently use different shampoos and conditioners to prevent hair loss. However, the root cause is hair roots. Hair fall will occur if the hair roots are weak.

To stop hair fall, hair roots must be repaired, which is exactly what Ojas Ambrosia Ayurvedic Hair Pack does.

Ayurvedic Hair Pack for Hair Growth
Ayurvedic Hair Pack

How to apply Ayurvedic Hair Pack

This Ayurvedic Hair Pack is made from unique herbs that have the ability to hold hair roots and strengthen the head scalp.

Step1: Simply make a paste of this hair pack and apply it to the hair roots and 1 inch of hair length from the roots

Step2: Allow it to act for 20 minutes 

Step3: Wash with lukewarm water and Ojas Ambrosia Hair Wash. (Tip: Never allow it to completely dry!)

Ayurvedic Hair Pack for Hair Growth

This must be used on a regular basis. Twice a week to achieve the desired results. Gradually, the scalp of the head is toned, the hair roots become stronger, and hair fall decreases!

Isn’t it enchanted? No, this is the Ojas Ambrosia Hair Pack’s magic!

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