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Ayurvedic Clinic: Ojas Ayurved

Ojas is one of the best Ayurvedic Clinic Hospital in Pune India. This Ayurvedic Clinic offers both Online and Clinic Consultations and Treatments

The word Ayurvedic Clinic wonders people. What is Ayurvedic? What is Ayurvedic clinic? What is so special about Ayurvedic clinic? Does it mean Panchakarma clinic?

Usually in a medical field we come across various clinics, hospitals, super specialist hospitals. Many times, certain clinics are devoted to only one organ of our body like an eye-clinic will look patients of only eye problems or ENT clinic looks after only ear, nose and throat problems and so on.

What is Ayurvedic clinic?

Ayurvedic clinic is one which deals with various health problems by Ayurvedic way of treatment. The way, when a person goes to general physician, doctor checks the patient and gives either a prescription of medicines or dispenses medicines from the clinic itself.

Ayurvedic Clinic Pune India
Ayurvedic Clinic Pune India

All about Ayurvedic Clinic

Ayurvedic clinic is little different than this. Basically, Ayurveda is an old Indian traditional medical science. This medical stream is working in our country for more than 5000 years. Ayurveda science has a lot of thought about body and mind co relation, thus making it complete.

Ayurveda deals various diseases of different parts of the body like bone and joint problems like arthritis, spondylosis or gynecological problems like PCOS, Infertility. It also deals with problems of digestion like IBS or acidity.

Similarly, In Ayurvedic clinic, patient is checked for his or her complaints and is given medicines. Here, the medicines are Ayurvedic. There is a specific method of Ayurvedic examination.
In Ayurvedic examination a detailed case taking is important. First step of consultation is about understanding the patients’ complaints.

Which system of his body is affected? Like is it his digestive system or respiratory system or bone or joints? Many times, patients come to Ayurvedic clinic after taking some other treatments.

So, he or she has already undergone lots of investigations like blood tests, sonography, MRI etc… The relevant and latest reports are taken into consideration.

Once the disease related information is taken from the patient, his/her other relevant information also plays an important role in treatment. So, a complete understanding of patients’ diet, food habits, job profile (if patient works in shift duties? If he or she has to work for long hours on computer? Etc..) his lifestyle is essential in examination.

Ayurvedic Clinic Dr Sarita Vaidya
Ayurvedic Clinic Dr Sarita Vaidya

Why complete understanding of a patient is important in Ayurvedic Clinic?

Ayurveda believes in the principle that no disease occurs in the body without imbalance of Doshas like Vat, Pitta, Kapha. This imbalance actually starts with some wrong food habits or wrong lifestyle. So, we need to understand all aspects of a person and not just a disease and complaints.

After the understanding of the case, detail examination is done. In Ayurvedic examination Nadi Pariksha and Udar Pariksha means pulse examination and abdominal examinations are very very important.

Based on the case taking and actual examination Ayurvedic doctor can lead to diagnosis and start the treatment accordingly.

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What is Ayurvedic treatment at Ayurvedic Clinic?

When you go to a doctor, he checks you and writes down a prescription of medicines. Then you go to medical shop and buy those medicines.

In Ayurvedic treatment, once again there are two main treatments like, giving regular medicines and panchakarma treatments.

Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic medicines are mostly prepared from different kinds of herbs. There is tremendous treasure of medicinal plants in the globe.

Different plants work on various types of different diseases. So, in ancient books of Ayurveda, there is detailed guidance about how to prepare Ayurvedic medicines.

Nowadays many of these are produced by Ayurvedic pharma companies. There is also a tradition where Ayurvedic doctors make their own production of medicines and dispense them to their patients.

Actually, this is the best method of giving medicines as here, the quality of medicines is not compromised at all.

So, according to patients’ complaints and the diagnosis done by the doctor, medicines are given to patients.

ayurvedic medicines
ayurvedic medicines

What is Panchakarma in Ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurvedic Clinic Panchakarma Treatments
Ayurvedic Clinic Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma is a specialty of Ayurvedic treatment. This is the purification and detoxification of the body. There are five types of main karma or procedures.

Vaman: Here by giving some medicines patient is made to vomit out. This helps detoxify guts.

This is a very detailed procedure of seven days with preparation for the karma, main karma and post panchakarma regime. So it must be done under the able guidance of Expert Ayurvedic doctor.

Virechan: Here the detoxification is done by giving certain purgative medicines.

Basti: This is a procedure which has a tremendous potential. It acts on Vata dosha in the body. The method of giving it something like an enema but the action is much deeper and smoothening.

In various diseases basti treatment can be given.

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Ayurvedic Clinic offers following Basti Treatments

Raktmokshan – This is a different way, wherein some bloodletting is done from patients’ veins. It helps a lot in curing different body complaints especially skin problems.

Nasyam – This is the important panchakarma wherein Doshas are detoxified by putting some medicinal oils or ghee’s (clarified butter) in the nostrils of a patient.

This is a very very preliminary information of panchakarma. Panchakarma has a wide scope.

Apart from above karmas, nowadays there are some other methods of panchakarma too. Basically, it is very customized treatment. So, whether a patient is eligible for karma? Which karma should be given? Usually, Panchakarma is in a course of 7 days. So how many days it should be given?

This should be decided only and only by doctors.

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In Ayurvedic Clinic, Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic Panchakarma are the two main aspects of Ayurvedic treatment. Along with this, diet planning is also given to each patient.

With this holistic approach, Ayurvedic treatment penetrates deep in the body and try to uproot the disease. It is a myth that Ayurvedic treatment is useful only for chronic disease. No, it can be as efficiently given for a simple disorder like acidity, vertigo, anemia, cold and cough. etc.

Also, it is a myth that Ayurvedic doctors do not need any reports of the patients. Any supportive documents and reports of the patient can help doctor for deciding treatment.

So, this Ayurvedic treatment is given in Ayurvedic clinics and this is how Ayurvedic clinics work. 


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