Covid Patient Diet Plan India

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Covid Diet Plan

Right now, many patients are suffering from Covid-19. This pandemic has taken a toll on every aspect of the health of humans. Many patients have very mild symptoms and hence they are in home isolation. Some are suffering and so admitted to the hospital. Some are critical and are treated in ICU.

Many have overcome the disease and are now in the post Covid phase. Though medically they are out of it now, still most of the patients are suffering from severe weakness, severe fatigue, difficulty in carrying even their normal home routine, loss of appetite, restlessness, and many other symptoms. The symptoms vary with each patient. Not all patients have all symptoms.

We need to understand that Post -Covid phase is an equally important phase for the treatment as actual Covid. Patients commonly have a loss of appetite; do not feel like eating, difficulty in the movements like getting up from the bed, taking bath, doing household chores, etc.

When the appetite is affected, food intake reduces. That further reduces energy levels. That further leads to more weakness. Also if you do not eat, it affects your nutrition and then it takes a toll on your Immunity. Immunity goes down. When your Immunity goes down, you are vulnerable to many different infections.

When the appetite is affected, food intake reduces. Click here to Contact Us if you require any help. That further reduces energy levels. That further leads to more weakness. Also if you do not eat, it affects your nutrition and then it takes a toll on your Immunity. Immunity goes down. When your Immunity goes down, you are vulnerable to many different infections.

Diet Plan for Covid | Covid Patients Diet Plan at Home | Diet Plan for Covid Patients in India

Following is the Covid Patient Diet Plan India

First common misunderstanding is if the patient eats well he will recover faster. So highly nutritious food, dry fruits, meat, fish are given to the patient. However, if the patient’s appetite is not good he / she does not feel like eating all this stuff.

  1. So, give the patient, very light and liquid diet initially which is nutritious. E.g. –Vegetable soup, Chicken clear soup, daal soup.

1. Give Covid patient, soups like vegetable soup, chicken clear soup, daal soup etc

2. You can also give sprout soup. Take four spoons of sprout and cook it. While cooking adds extra water to it. So add 4 cups of water. After cooking it, boil the whole thing and reduce the water to half. Just take out a watery portion from sprouts. This is sprout soup. Add salt, pure ghee, and Jira powder to it.

3. Give lemon sharbat, kokum sharbat, awala sharbat to the patient once or twice daily.

2 & 3. Give Sprout Soup, Lemon Juice, Kokum and Awala Sarbat

4. Give rice soup—cook rice with extra water. Make it very soft. Smash it after cooking with that extra water in it. Add ghee, jeera powder, salt, lemon juice 5 drops, coriander leaves, pudina leaves to it. This becomes a delicious soup and improves appetite.

5. Give roasted papad of moong, Udid, or Nachani (Ragi) with soup. the patient.

4 & 5. Give Rice Soup along with Roasted Papad

5. Make a very thin pancake-like Dosa. Make this with rice flour, moong flour, jawar flour. Add little ginger, jeera powder,owa, salt, and a pinch of sugar to the dough and make it sufficiently liquid to make dosa out of it.

6. Prepare a Sauté salad. Take small portions of broccoli, cauliflower, potato, French beans, bell pepper. Cut it into medium size pieces, not very small. Boil it in water just for 5 minutes. Strain the water. Now, toss this salad in a pan with a spoon of butter. Add salt, black pepper powder, or any garnishing you like. Eat it hot.

6 & 7. Give Very Thin Dosa and Broccoli Sauté Salad

8. Avoid giving fruit juice or canned juices to the patient. Instead, chop fresh fruits like Apple, Sweet lime, pomegranate, pear, chikkoo and give them to the patient. The fresh fruits give immediate energy.

9. Give coconut water once a day or two. If the patient is having a cold, cough, avoid it.

Avoid Canned Foods
Give Fresh Salads
Give this if patient is not suffering from Cold
Avoid Packaged Foods

8 & 9. Give fresh fruits, Coconut water, avoid Canned foods

10. Avoid using Bakery products excessively. Instead give khakhra, papad, roasted wheat flakes, rice flakes, to the patient.

avoid this

10. Give Roasted Flakes, Avoid bakery products

Covid Diet Plan
Covid Diet Plan

Important Post Covid Diet | Covid Diet Recovery | Diet for those with Covid

1. Patient’s appetite is going to increase gradually. Above food items are good appetizers and easy for digestion. Still, they provide excellent nutrition and electrolytes, which are very much necessary for recovery.

2. Once the appetite improves gradually start solid food. Until that time, liquid food should be more. After 4-5 days, increase solid food and continue with liquid food preparations. Avoid giving meat, paneer, cheese-like things. Avoid preparations with gravy.

3. Keep a keen watch on the patient’s recovery, energy levels, and movements. With this diet, usually patients are active in a week.

4. As the patient’s activity increases, his appetite also improves and he/she starts taking normal intake gradually.

So do not make haste. Start with nutritious liquid food preparations, add solid portion daily in a small quantity.

Give all freshly prepared food. Avoid canned food, stale food. Avoid food directly from the refrigerator

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