Side Effects of Work From Home on Health

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Side effects of work from home on health – Living with Covid has led our life in a different direction.  The routine of daily going to office has come to a halt. Instead, many people have started working from home in this Covid situations.

Initially everyone was happy as the work from home started, as there was no hassle of getting up early, getting ready for the office, face the traffic daily in commuting and then face the pressure of office work. But now, this work from home culture is also surfacing the side effects of it.

Side effects of work from home on health
Side effects of work from home on health

There is no fix timing for the work. Daily routine of getting ready in time, having your breakfast and meals in time has gone haywire. There is lot of sitting at one place due to work. In addition, every boss feels that since now, you are working from home, you should work more.

All this is leading to a crushing pressure of work, continuous sitting, loss of speed of work, no satisfaction of work completion on one hand and on the other hand, even if you are home you are hardly sparing any time for the family…your small kid keeps staring at you in the expectation of attention but your interaction with the small one is more towards escapism than involvement.

This all leads to various physical and psychological health issues. How to cope up with it? How to bring your healthy status back? How to feel absolutely positive and energetic throughout the day?

Address your each small issue. Do not ignore. There is always a solution to every problem!

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