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It has been two years now! we are still fighting Covid-19. It is a pandemic, so coming in waves. We faced two waves before and now we are standing amidst third wave!!!!!

When will this pandemic get over? How much time we need to wear mask? How long to avoid gatherings? How long to avoid travels? so on and so forth…so many questions are hovering on the head and not yet a fix answer to any of them.

How can you face COVID-19?

Even if these answers are not very clear to us yet, some things should be very clear to your own. What are those?

Never give up.

Time is a universal fact which keeps going ahead and never comes back.

So under the threat of pandemic also, time has not stopped, it is going ahead.

Better make best use of this period which seems very stressful and restricted.

  • Do not use ONLY social media to connect to people. You can not have gatherings but you can have a dialogue over the phone. So talk to people. It helps reduce your loneliness.
  • Most of the youth is under work pressure due to work from home facility. Good mental health in this testing times!!
  • Working hours are no more fixed and they are always very long. So take short breaks of 5 minutes. Connect to family. Talk to them. Have meals together. This helps family and you to get that bonding sensation which creates happiness!
  • Do not carry a feeling that I am the only one who slogs so much for the office work. Everybody is doing same level of work. Remember, your overburdened feeling will affect only you, not others.
  • Most important is, you can not afford to get depressed. This is our one big enemy, which takes away our energy, efficiency and power from us. So let never ever that enemy enter our mind. Keep it away by, talking to people you like. Play music or listen music. Play games/sports. Try meditation. Be close to your family by heart. Avoid working in a closed room for long hours. Avoid staying alone.
  • These are some tips for your good mental health in this testing times!!
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