Ayurved  is  a scientific medical science. It very specifically deals with “Health . It also deals with various disorders and treats them completely. There should be utmost efforts in avoidance of disease is the first principal of Ayurveda. So obviously it guides us in a very simple way to health.

Ayurveda tips for healthy life

1) Do not drink excessive water.

Always drink as per your thirst. Water also has to undergo  the process of digestion! So excessive intake many times kills appetite and is the root cause of Acidity.

2) Milk should be taken every day.

It is said to be “Rasayan” that is it has rejuvenating capacity. But never  mix milk with any other food item. Avoid taking milk with fruits. So milkshakes, thickshakes, cold coffee though very good at taste not very beneficial to body. It may hamper the digestion and create acidity afterwards with  frequent intake.

3)Eating curds

is a daily practice at many homes. In many company canteens also, curds is given daily in lunch. But it has certain qualities which actually do not favor health much. So daily intake of curds should be prohibited. In long run, it may lead to allergic cold and cough, arthritis, skin disorders etc. Also while consuming curds, it should be consumed with sugar or honey.

4) Lunch and dinner should be complete.

Eating only roti-subji  for lunch is not recommended. Try to have dinner in time. Having late dinners disturbs the digestion, keeps depositing toxins in the body which affect the health.

5) Do you know its not only , what you eat that matters but equally important is how you eat?  when you eat?

what is the atmosphere around you? While having meals try to concentrate on eating. avoid mobile phones or T.V. at that time. Taking meals in a very happy and content mood gives the body far better nourishment to the body.

6) Apart from physical body, all humans have a mind, which is never a thing to exist physically but can be felt at every moment.

All good and bad feelings, positive and negative waves in the body reflect on mind. Not only this but this mind is also nourished with the food we eat and drink. So good, fresh food eaten  in a calm, happy  atmosphere gives very good nourishment to mind!


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