Heart  is the vital part of the body. It is the main junction  of  blood circulation. Body needs oxygenated blood for working of the systems, and  it  also requires a system which take away the impurities out of the blood. This whole support is provided by cardiac system.

So heart is surrounded by many arteries and veins which perform this function. Health of these vessels  and heart is very important to keep a person healthy.

Incidence of heart disease, cardiac arrest, arterial blocks have increased a lot these days. Initially this disorder used to occur with increased age, deterioration of the strength of vessels, high blood pressure etc. Cardiac problems also show genetic predominance.

As the society has gone far away from its original lifestyle, staple food, the occurrence of the cardiac problems have markedly increased. Addictions also have a roll to play. Increased stress level at professional front, changed socio-economic equations, nuclear family system where there is no sharing of emotions and responsibilities indirectly contribute to the ill health of heart.

The major disorders like hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and cardiac dysfunction are inter-related. As the incidence of hypertension and diabetes has increased, the cardiac disorders are also increasing simultaneously.

To have a heart attack in a young age was very rare before, but nowadays it is more common. With the latest research and the technology removing an arterial block has become possible. This certainly saves life. But going to the root cause, finding the etiology and working on it gives complete solution to the problem.  

According to Ayurveda, Hruday i.e. is heart is considered as a major marm sthan. By the term marma sthan it is clear that any damage or shock to this organ can prove detrimental or life threatening for that patient. This situation requires immediate attention.

The recurrence of heart problem is also not on a declining trend. so once operated patient is not completely free of heart attack again. This needs to be worked.

Cardiovascular Disease And Ayurveda

Ayurved, since  always works on the root cause and takes holistic approach can help and solve cardiac problems as well as can help in avoiding the recurrence of the disorder.

The Hruday basti is a specialized treatment in Ayurveda which helps in regaining the strength of heart. Hruday–rog or cardiac problem can occur independently or as a reflection of or side effect of  Obesity, Hypertension like disorders. By Ayurveda, the original problem is well taken care of which ultimately helps regain cardiac help.

A systematic approach with internal medication, essential panchakarma, right diet and treating the root cause is the key treatment of cardiac problems by Ayurveda.


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