This year, the summers have entered very suddenly causing sudden weather change. There is a sharp rise in the temperature. Winters were too cold. The gradual exit of winter and smooth entry of summer usually makes it easy for our body to get adjusted for the season change. But when such a changes are very sudden with a sharp rise in the temperature it affects the health. Body is not adjusted so fast against such a change. As a result of which there are many health problems.

Sudden weather change symptoms (Sore thorat, allergies, headache, fatigue)

There is a sudden and sharp change in the weather. Temperature starts going up. This causes fever, cold and cough. Many times it affects the respiratory system, upper and lower both.

With the cold there is running nose, irritable nostrils, sinus inflammation, headache, red eyes with secretions.

With cough there is either dry cough or wet cough. If dry cough, coughing increases in the night and gives sleep disturbance. It also gives irritation to bronchus, which causes a burning sensation and pain in the middle of the chest.

Wet cough leads to bacterial infections..if not treated in time. These all signs are usually associated with high fever, malaise and body ache and weakness.

How to avoid falling sick in this season?

As we can see the above sign and symptoms due to sudden weather change, it is important to know how to avoid this.

According to Ayurveda, this is called as Rutusandhi-kaal. This means that one season of winter gets over and summers enter. This season change always causes the imbalance of doshas, that is kapha, vaat and pitta in the body. In the winter our body is continuously facing cold, which makes the kapha dosha in the body,very sticky and it remains and chokes the respiratory, digestive systems etc.As the summer starts, the kapha dosha looses its density and starts melting and spreads in the respiratory, digestive systems.

After some time, as the summers settle in, this phenomenon of kapha dosha also settles but in this change-over of seasons, it is likely to disturb our body and cause illness.

And when such a changes are very sharp, it has more impact on our health.

Many times we make a mistake, that since summers are in, we are more prone to eat cold things like a ice-creams, milk shakes. We also opt for fridge cold water, cold drinks more than usual. Walking in the Sun and then suddenly having a cold sharbat or cold drink is a common habit. But actually these intakes of cold food or cold drink helps the already toxic kapha dosha to spread more in our body. This causes fever, cold and cough.

Sudden weather change Allergies

Also there is one more very important factor in this season is Allergy. In this season, pollens are abundant in the weather. As air heats up due to summers pollen and dust particles starts spreading in the air in the huge amount. Many people are allergic to  dust and pollens. So people who are allergic to it, suddenly gets attacks of allergic cold and cough. If not controlled in time, it may lead to breathlessness.

So considering above all factors, we understand it is very important to protect ourselves from this change over season weather.

sudden weather change

sudden weather change

Tips to cope up with Sudden weather change  

First important thing is , do not get tempted to eat and drink cold. This is the first enemy of the season change. Keep drinking normal liquids.

Of course, add plenty of water in your daily regime. Also have sugar, salt water. This helps to fight dehydration. Take a glass of water, add 1.5 teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt to it. Drink 4—5 glasses in severe heat.

Have freshly cooked non spicy food. Do not use canned food. It many times gets spoiled in this season. Also avoid frozen food.

Please keep in mind that your body is at a very vulnerable position to the change of season. So doing anything extreme, may be in diet or in your activity would add insult to injury. So keep a low key diet. Keep low key  daily routine.

Having good breakfast, lunch at right time with liquids like daal, soup or a very mild curry would benefit. Have early dinner. Eat fruits in the afternoon. Have a coconut water if you feel drained off. Have lots of boiled salads with good dressings on it along with good soup. Even if eating and drinking hot, does not satisfy your thirst in this heat, doing so for some 15 days would help your body adjust with the season change and then gradually starting your favourite cold drinks would not harm you.

How to fight Allergy in this season?

This is a key question. Actually the environmental factors change a lot in this season. So to avoid attack of dust particles and pollens, wearing a mask is the best solution. As it is, now we are used to wearing a mask due to the past pandemic. But wearing a mask otherwise also help avoid pollens and dust entering your nasal and respiratory passage. That arrest helps restrict further spread.

Also wash your nose frequently with warm water. Apply 2 drops of pure ghee inside of your both nostrils before you go out. Do gargles with warm water and a pinch of turmeric powder twice daily. Splash water on your face 2—3 times a day.

Apply Ojas body massage oil to forehead while going to bed. Also apply it to the chest. This makes you lungs healthy.

Put Ojas Nasal drops in each nostril before going to bed.

Do not do over exercise in this season. This creates vaso-dilatation and flare the allergic condition.

Strictly wear cotton clothes which are loose in fitting. Wearing a tight jeans is not a good idea now.Do not go for cold showers if you are not used to it. Instead, take a luke warm shower which would make you fresh.

So here we saw, about our food, our clothing, our exercise. We also now know, how to avoid allergents ! So just be patient for a month and then you are free to enjoy your summers, with the very auspicious festival of HOLI !


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