Every woman looks beautiful in young age. The beauty of women’s health is largely dependent on her health too. As a girl starts with her menstrual cycle there are many changes that take place in her physical appearance. She grows tall, her skin glows, her hair grow long and thick. These all factors make her more and more beautiful.

It is not only her physical appearance but her mental frame also changes. She is more confident. She is happy. She has the will and confidence to cross and face any difficulties in life and she does face it successfully.

As her career advances and she becomes successful, there are more and more challenges too, which come her way..but she is ready for that ! She takes up challenges, solve problems, give solutions. So it is her mental ability, sharpness of mind and positive attitude which keeps her going !

When we take a look at this young  woman, its surprising how can she do so many things and still remain happy ! Because this is the age when she also gets married. She bears children. She grows her children very well.She is doing lot of multitasking, and yes, still she can manage it. Going to her own office, going for teachers -parents meeting in the school, exam preparations of kids, household chores, bringing grocery, fruits, vegetables from the market, cooking food for the family, making some new dishes, going for family picnic, looking after seniors in the house, taking care of them….and what not..

In short Woman is there on every front of life with a smiling face ..an angel !!!!

But  time flies very fast… she is doing all these chores with a responsibility for years together. After say 15 years she starts getting a different feelings about her physical health and mental health too.

One day she suddenly feels tired, sometimes she gets leg cramps which were never there before ! On some day she feels just not to do anything on this earth and just sit quiet. On another day, she gets a feeling that her office work is crushing her!

Her health starts showing some weird behaviors ..very very small though. Her menstruation on some  cycle goes for a toss! Some periods she experience suddenly a heavy bleeding and then again everything is quite normal !

She starts putting on weight. Clothing, fitting changes. She feel that she should exercise but she just can not ! Her body does not co-operate for that. Not only that but there is a weird feeling shaping up in her mind why so much of work-load? Why only I am suffering and all others are at peace?

These changes are not occurring overnight. They take place slowly. It is not that all this, actually hampers her work. The routine is going on.. and this the basic cause why all these feelings are ignored. This is ignored because her daily routine does not get upset.

But as age advances the frequency of these complaints goes high and she faces some or the other problem every 2-3 days and she gets shocked thinking of what is wrong with me?

Really what is wrong with her?

Ayurveda firmly believes that there are main 3 principles in our body like.. vaat, pitta and kapha. Also there are 7 dhatus like Ras, Rakta, Mamsa, Med, Asthi, Majja,and Shukra. These are fundamental pillers of our health. Our health depends on the exact equilibrium of these doshas and sapta dhatu in our body. 

But does they remain always in the same proportion? The answer is No. There are many ups and downs going on in the body. The quality, purity and functional capacity of each dosha and dhatu decides our health. When any of these are disturbed that starts taking toll on the health and the body gets disturbed.

 In a case of a woman, what happens? Woman health is largely dependent on Vata dosha in the body and Ras dhatu as well. As the age advances very slowly, the quality and the functional capacity of these factors starts getting disturbed. So that certainly affects her body. Rasa dhatu is also closely related to our mind and visiation of this dhatu can create mental disturbances in the body.

That is why every woman in her forties faces a slow down. But this is the age when she is at the pick of her responsibilies on home front and also this is the age when your career graph is on rise. So no woman wants any health hazards in this age.

So what is the answer? Can we prevent it? Can we avoid this disturbances  of the health on physical as well as mental level?

The answer is in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a science of life. It not only deals with the diseases but it actually tells us what is ideal lifestyle, how to minimize the visiation of dosha and dhatu. How to purify the body by panchakarma treatments? How does it help your body to remain healthy.

Almost every woman is advised to go for this preventive treatments of Ayurveda, which help you eliminates all toxins from the body and keeps it healthy. These treatments sets your lifestyle back into right position, makes you fresh and energetic like you were in young age!

So answer to your health is Ayurveda !


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