Today on January 6, 2023, we complete 28 years of service to the mankind through Ayurveda!

It is  along journey. Today when I look back, there is a sense of content. We Ojas team are overwhelmed by the trust shown by our patients for last 28 years. It was not the easy task and even today it is not a easy task to be on your toes continuously and strive for better service but yes, we like that and so we try to our best! 

28 years back, surroundings were very different. Ayurved practice was something very new to people. Taking Ayurved medicines for your general complaints like a simple fever, cold and cough was not a norm. Ayurved treatment is useful only in chronic disorders was the big understanding in the society. But this changed gradually.

Giving panchakarma treatments and giving great relief to patients was not so established in those days, but we had huge patience,faith in Ayurved and persevirence . So the change occurred gradually.

Making our own medicines in a very traditional way and strictly following the norms given in text was not so common but we did that. We always tried to give best to our patients.

Ojas Ayurved witnessed the change in acceptance of Ayurveda treatments more from the society.  More and more Ayurved doctors started willing to practice Ayurveda. Ayurveda started flourishing in the society and more and more people today are willing to opt for Ayurved treatments.

This change from no existance of Ayurveda to acceptance of Ayurveda did not happen overnight. But the change is always for betterment. Even today, with so much changed scenario of disorders and new different kind of ailments erupting, Ayurveda can stand with it, we try our level best to give solutions to new problems via Ayurveda and it is definitely helping for the betterment of the society.

What is a society? It is nothing but a group of humans. Every human has physical and /or psychological problems and to serve and help them come out of it is our task and responsibility.

Ayurveda is an ocean of knowledge. As a doctor we work as a bridge to take this knowledge to the people and treat them. At Ojas , we are working hard on diseases like cancer, Diabetes, heart disease. We are giving our patients a good support treatment. Not only that but we are also offering prevention treatments for these diseases.

Infertility and PCOD like problems are becoming very common. These ailments are taking toll on the health and psychology both. Along with proper and accurate treatments, lifestyle correction is also playing a big role in it. We at Ojas, are working on it.

Bone and joint problems….I think in our practice of last 28 years we have seen so many bone and joint problems.. some are due to accidents, some are due to lifestyle and some are due to aging. We knew only aging problems but todays fast lifestyle is bringing up very different and new dimensions to orthopaedic problems  and we need to deal with them..surprisingly when patients are treated with Ayurveda it is giving very good results and especially with panchakarma the results are also long-lasting. So this makes us more and more responsible for treating our patients.

Covid—19 which took a toll on all of us and still keeping us under a fear. What Ayurveda can do best in it? We at Ojas are working on it. We could give very good support to many post Covid complications and complaints in patients. When patients get relief, in some problems which are even new to doctors for treatment, it gives immense happiness to us.

Change is a constant feature. So new diseases will come up, new challenges will come up, but it is our task to find a solution and give a best try ! An ancient  medical science like Ayurveda can withstand in all these situations and act as a lighthouse in the ocean.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to get this opportunity to serve the society for its betterment and we promise to go ahead and take this path of betterment of the society always.

Thank you!

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