how to take care of your skin naturally

How to take care of your Skin by Ayurveda

Skin is a topic that everyone finds extremely personal. It is said that the condition of our skin reflects our overall health. Indeed, that is true.

Skin.. a very close to heart subject for everybody !! It is said that our skin is a reflection of our health !! Yes, and that is true. A healthy, glowing skin, age appropriate skin is a real mirror of your health. Here the word used age-appropriate is a very very important word. What does it mean? Everybody ages in life. Accordingly certain changes occur in our skin. If you see a newborn baby skin it is very very delicate. After some months say..4-5 months the same skin takes a firmness and then it is very glowing as  fresh as a dew drop !

Then comes an age that is adolescent, when once again skin takes a different glow and at the same time faces some pimples problems due to hormonal changes in the body. But more or less this skin with optimum skin tightness and glow lasts naturally till age of 30.

How to take care of your skin - ayurvedic way after age 30

After age of 30 actually changes start in the body which are very very slow. After your  age of 40 skin tightness starts deteriorating slowly and the tightness also starts decreasing. This process then continues ahead in life.. lifelong.

So this is the natural course of skin throughout everybody’s life. These all steps are basically dependent on the hormonal support in the body. But apart from this, there are many factors on which our skin health is dependent on.

Factors contributing to your Skin Health

First and most important is our nutrition. Your skin shows your nutrition. If you want a glowing skin you have to be extremely cautious what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat !!!

  • What you eat —- Your diet should always  be a complete diet.  It should contain sufficient portion of all types of pulses like toor daal, moong daal, masoor daal, udid daal.
  • Many people make the mistake of not consuming enough daal. In the cooking itself only chapati and one vegetable is prepared as a compete lunch !! Actually it is not. People eat daal only when they eat rice. Instead of it, irrespective of you eat rice or not, daal should be your everyday must eat food item. So for example, a  simple lunch must contain a portion of daal, a portion of vegetable, a portion of salad and a  chapati and/or rice with it.

Another important point is one should have a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner without any shortcuts to it. Many  of us do this mistake. Either skip breakfast, take a short lunch and have a full dinner at late evening.

Role of Nutrition in your Skin Care

Actually our body needs good nutrition right from we wake up. So eating a good and healthy breakfast is necessary. But it should also depend on your appetite. If you are really hungry,  eat well and if you are not, at least have good amount of milk in the morning. This sets your body metabolism in right way.

How to take care of your skin
How to take care of your skin

Steps to take care of your skin

  • Always have liquids in your diet – Once again same mistake ! Many people especially who are working tend to have lunch like chapati and vegetable. Or a frankey or a paratha…
  • It is advisable that we make it a point to have liquid food like a soup, rasam, kokam saar like liquids in the lunch. This actually helps digestion of the food well. Also it gives our skin enough amount of electrolytes. Taking a warm lime water also can be a good option!!
  • Avoid very heavy dinners late evening. It can be a fun once in a while but daily late dinners actually help us in no way to our skin.
  • In the dinner it would help a lot if you go for good amount of half boiled salads and soups first. This will give boon to your skin. Having complete meals early in the evening is always good for health.
  • Add some fruits in your daily intake. Actually every fruit is helpful for the skin one or the other way. So keep all variety of fruits in your diet. Rather than having juices of fruits its better to have well washed fruits directly. It gives you enough fibre and saves on time !!!

So what you eat reflects on your skin ! So eat well !!

In next episode you will get more inputs …till then take care of your skin !!

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