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Let us look at work from home diet. Our daily routine has changed a lot in the last one to one and a half years. As Covid-19 spread across the country, the main routine of going to the office every day and working all day, and coming home in the evening changed. Most offices have decided to work from home. This has reduced the restrictions of time, but at the same time, the work has increased. 

Work from Home Diet

Since everything is online, it is very possible to hold a meeting at any time. When the laptop is opened, the meeting is on! There is no daily up-and-cover, no time to go out, no daily travel, so such a time is being saved a lot. But we are at home, so working late at night has increased. 

The main thing is that there has been a lot of upheaval in the house’s own routine. The times of daily eating and drinking, exercise have changed. Sitting in front of the laptop for hours is underway. We are eating at home, we can’t go to the hotel right now, so fried foods, sparkling food have increased at home. Somewhere from this, the foundation of the analogy is being dug.

Work from Home Diet Plan
Work from Home Diet Plan

Changed Lifestyle

Schools closed, colleges closed so children are also at home. Online education has also increased their sitting. School is the right place to go to the ground, to play in the open air, but since the school is closed, all these outdoor games are also locked. 

Sitting in one place and constantly watching mobiles or looking at laptops has become the life of school students. It is going to definitely affect their health. The possibility that your lifestyle will remain the same for the next few months cannot be ruled out. How can this situation be benefited from the health point of view?

Morning Diet

Morning meals are often taken late when at home. It is late to work since morning and then eat. Many people are not even used to having breakfast in the morning. There was a meal at 1-2 p.m. without eating anything throughout the morning. Then two bites are eaten more while eating and it hurts.

For this, even if you don’t want a full breakfast in the morning, take 1 cup of milk. Or take light but nutritious food such as rajgira wadi and milk, saali lahia and milk. Those who are used to breakfast should also have some without having a lot of breakfast as before. 

Like a simple paratha, a dhirde, a small plate. so on and so forth. Do not drink milk with breakfast. Take milk in the morning. Also, frequent breakfast foods like pohe, upma, vada-sambar, potato vada should be avoided. Breakfast is your first food of the day so it should be mild.    

Morning Milk
Morning Milk
work from home diet plan
work from home diet

Lunch Diet

Do not cut into lunch. It is necessary to have full meals. For example, take 2 rotis, 1 bowl of bounce or 2 bowls of amti, 1 bowl of salad, and half a bowl of vegetables. Take fresh buttermilk for the pair. In many houses, only 1 rasa vegetable and roti are made while eating. It also has more juice and fewer vegetables.  

Most of the food was with this juice, but it does not provide the necessary nutrition by eating vegetables that are low. For this, it is necessary to have full meals as above. However, at one time, the diet can be divided without overeating. For which roti-sabzi and salad should be taken at 10 am. Take only a little rice and more dal on it at 1 pm.   

Stale Food in Diet

The second important part is eating stale food. Most households have a method of eating the remaining food at night the next day. When rotis, bread, rice are left, they are eaten full of food by giving it a sparkling boil. Curd is eaten with it. This habit is more common in the house, especially for women. 

We eat stale food by making them fresh for others. Such a diet does not provide anything. Over time, many people begin to see symptoms such as loss of blood, weakness, thinness, because nutrition is not proper.

Therefore, stale food should not be eaten. It should not be made while making it. If left, distribute the food to a little bit. Instead of eating boiled roti-curd, make a fresh selection of the roti and eat it with it, or eat it with fresh bounce.  

stale food
Stale Food
stale food
stale food
stale roti
Stale Roti
wfh diet

Pickels Chutnies Papads

Also, pickles, green chilli sticks, khardas are taken more when at home and so only a little curry is taken. Basically, such substances are only tongue-pierced and are of little use to the body. So they should be taken a little.  Don’t take it every day.


In short, eating a perfect diet at home is equally important but it is important to division it. Filling the stomach and nourishing the body are two different things. So you don’t have to complete your nutrition because you eat inappropriate foods. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your nutrition while eating especially when you think about work from home diet plan

Working online, so while the meeting is going on, take a break for 20 minutes from work and eat full meals without eating a lot of food, noodles, poha, rice alone. Drink sips without drinking too much water. 

If you keep your diet in this way, the body will get good nutrition, fatigue, headache, acidity. Sitting and working leads to weight gain but proper diet helps in controlling weight if the body is nourished. Fitness is good if exercise is regularized with it.

So be sure to pay attention to your food from today and get a good health home!                           

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