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In this Covid-19, pandemic working patterns have changed a lot. Most of the companies have adapted to the culture of “Work from Home”.(WFH)

In this culture of WFH, working hours are stretched. There is no end to your work and finally you are stuck up to your chair the whole day. Then one day..comes that stiffness in your low back and back…your muscles are sour..they are stiff too. You don’t feel like moving out of the bed. Still you need to work. Sitting in the chair feels like a nightmare!!! But neither can you concentrate nor can you rest !! Backache can be vary nagging !   

how to prevent back pain when using a computer
how to prevent back pain when using a computer

Steps to prevent back pain when using a computer

Searching for a solution on how to prevent back pain when using a computer, your search ends here as you can follow the given steps below to prevent back pain while using a computer

  • First check your chair if it is agronomically correct.—Many times we start using regular dining table chair for office work and then the trouble starts. Your chair should have a proper lumber and back support for long working hours.
  • Check your posture—When you sit for a long time you tend to bend in your low back and you also drop your shoulders. This brings strain on back muscles. Sit erect with back supported with chair back.
  • Foot rest – Don’t ever forget to use a foot rest where you can rest your feet. This immediately relieves pressure on the back.
  • Application of oil – This is the root treatment for back ache. Apply medicinal oils to your back and low back.
  • You can use Ojas Backache Oil for it, which gives you big relief from pain and also it strengthens the back muscles. Always remember, painkiller sprays can give you immediate pain relief but muscle strengthening is the main treatment for backache.
    This oil application is very simple. Take some warm oil on your palm and gently apply it your low back and back. Taking a hot fomentation with hot water bag after oil application gives you better results.

    So start your day with oil application with hot fomentation which would relax all back muscles and you can start your day afresh!! 

More the strength of muscles lesser the back problems.

What you eat reflects on your health is the rule. So nutrition is very important in any health related problem. In backache, low backache one important thing is these are load bearing areas of our body. So they are continuous under stress. Also these parts are full of muscles and these muscles give support to the inner skeleton or bone structure.

So more the strength of muscles lesser the back problems.

How can we increase the strength of our back muscles?

Here comes the role of nutrition and exercise.

A good nutrition helps a lot.

  • Always have two complete meals in a day
  • You should have a bowl full of thick daal in both meals (Like moong,tuwar,masoor or mix of all)
  • Have sufficient quantity of vegetables. Drum sticks, rajgira, carrot, raddish should be consumed frequently. Be in habit of consuming all types of vegetables. This gives you variety of nutrients which are useful for muscles.
  • Have minimum 2 full cup of milk everyday. Milk is the one which gives your body strength. Also it has “Rasayan” characteristics which means regular consumption of milk can gradually rejuvenate the cells and tissues in the body. This helps for repair of wear and tear in the body
  • Do not work for long empty stomach. This leads to acidity which is a major cause of muscle weakness. So keep drinking enough water,coconut water,milk in a day.
  • Almonds,dry dates and walnuts are good for back muscles strength. So just add small portion of these dry fruits to your diet. If eaten soaked, results are better.

Exercise is another key to success

Regularity is very important in the exercise schedule. You can choose the exercise with the help of experts. But yogasana, surya-namaskar,stretching,are some of the very useful types which specifically help for back.

Always remember, when you are in acute pain rest is the first tteatment. So give enough rest to the body. Once the pain subsides, start exercise. Also, lifting weights should be avoided till the time the strength of muscles is not upto the mark.

With good nutrition, good exercise, good rest and good ergonomics you can completely overcome the problem of back-ache and low back ache.

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