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Wish you all a very very Happy Holi !!!

Holi ! A very much first celebration and welcome to Summer!! This festival comes with colours ! Spread colours, spread happiness !!

On this occasion, Holika Pujan is performed. It is believed in our ancient Indian tradition that this poojan takes away all the clouds and clusters of bad thoughts in mind. India is a agriculture dominated nation. This season all the harvest is taken out and the land is actually left for sun bath ! Holika poojan is a symbol of that. This nourishes the agriculture land and makes it ready for further harvest.

What relevance does this holi carries on our health?

Actually this season is called as takeover span of two seasons. Winters are fading out and summers are coming in. The body also needs some time to cope up with the changed season.

On Holi playing with natural colours  is  a tradition. These natural colours are made from the seasonal flowering trees like palash, pangara,kate savar. This is a way to go close to the nature. Playing with these natural colours  spreads enthusiasm, happiness and positivity. In some areas of the country Rang Panchami is celebrated with coloured water. These colours must be natural colours. Sprading colored water gives a pleasant cooling effect with joy !!!

There can be another angle to this, when you use natural colours, you actually come in contact with petal colours,pollens. If your body gets uses to it that is good for health. This is also the basic fundamental of treating allergy. To avoid environmental factors allergy, this may be a way out. If you get exposed to it in a small bits may be it can build in your immunity towards it.

We are people who like to be always connected, we like to share our happiness and sorrows, we  like to be together and Holi is the best beginning of it!

The only important thing is this festival is of NATURAL colours. So do not go for synthetic colors which would harm your skin and body. Do not mix synthetic colors in water. Their drops may harm your eyes.

Holi is a festival of Summer flowers and colours obtained from natural flowers !!!

Play Natural Holi and Help your Health !!!!

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