Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes: Symptoms, Treatment, Home Remedies

In this blog on dry eyes, we will see how dry eyes can be treated using Ayurveda, symptoms of dry eyes, dry eyes treatment and home remedies for dry eyes.

Dry Eyes

Many people complain that my eyes itch a lot or my eyes get irritated frequently. I feel that something is pricking in my eyes.

Many a time you see in the mirror and you can feel that the shining of eyes has gone down or eyes look reddish. They look tired. This is the main symptom of Dry Eyes.

Dry Eyes Symptoms
Dry Eyes Symptoms

What is Dry Eye Mean? How Eyes become Dry?

Nowadays we see many people complaining about dry eyes. Many of the symptoms are related to dry eyes. Actually, our eyes have a lubricant liquid layer that keeps our eye movements easy. Also, it protects our eyes from any small dust particles, etc. So, this lubricant liquid is needed to protect your eyes naturally.

Why Does this layer or lubricant reduce in Dry Eyes?

Here we need to think a little more about the change in the pattern of use of our eyes. Our focus of use has shifted to a large extent from paper, print reading to screen reading. Screen reading can be on mobile or tablet or laptop, desktops. All these screens have an enlightened background. 

So, our eyes get exposed to direct light for long hours. Remember, in the past, we were never exposed to direct screen light so much. For studies, office work, writing pen, and paper were the medium. There was no direct light. The room was sufficiently enlightened, and we use to study or work, so it was always an indirect light. 

Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Continuous exposure to light increases the dryness of the eyes. If we talk about the working hours, they were limited before. There was a concept of “office hours” which used to be 8 hours a day. Then the rest of the day used to spend with family or friends, which means there was no continuous exposure to light. 

There were many other activities where our eyes were working in a relaxed manner, not much focused on any screen. Nowadays especially in the IT sector “Office hours” concept has almost abolished. People are always logged in, or available on call.

Environment also adds a lot to our eye-health. Dust, pollution in the air, seasonal pollens, continuous use of air conditioning, dry air, seasonal dryness in the air (like winter) contributes to eye drying.

What we eat reflects on our health and so is true with our eyes too. For food, it is important what you eat and when do you eat? Both have equally important effects. 

Dry Eyes
Dry Eyes

Eating Habits and Dry Eyes

Eating spicy, deep-fried, very chilled food hurts your eyes. Drinking fewer liquids affects them. Eating very sour things curds, yogurts, milkshakes in the late evening may prove bad for your eyes. Of course, once in a while your body can certainly digest the change but not always.

Eating at very irregular timings, very late dinners, skipping meals is not good for your eyes. You need to take food at regular intervals and drink sufficient liquids to keep your body hydrated.

Remember, it is not only causing related to direct eyes but also many causes which are in a way indirectly related to your eye health needs attention.

All these factors put together keep deteriorating your eye health but it does not happen overnight. Today’s lifestyle demands more work for long hours, late evening work, which also creates stress. 

Exposure to screen for long hours with the wrong diet at wrong hours and late-night work all put together takes your eyes at toll.

Dry Eyes Treatment
Dry Eyes Treatment

Dry Eyes in Women

In females, hormonal changes during the perimenopausal period also add. Due to changed levels of hormones in the body skin becomes dry, hair becomes dry and so are your eyes. So, after the age of 40, many women start suffering from eye problems.

If you have spectacles you need to wear. Avoiding specs can damage your eyes. You have to be extra careful while using eye lenses.  You should have enough lubrication in the eyes for wearing lenses as they fix directly on the cornea.

Dry Eyes Treatment

100% Natural Ayurveda Dry Eyes Treatment, here we need to understand what Ayurveda has to say about eyes. Eyes are predominantly reflections of Pitta dosha or Tej mahabhuta. So naturally, any hotter, sparkling, flashes which reflect strong light are not so good for the eyes. 

Also, eyes always have a threat from Kapha dosh, which means more Kapha dosha in your body can cause eye disorders. So, these two factors are very important while dealing with eye problems. So spicy, very hot food increases pitta dosha, and chilled food, curds, ice-creams increase Kapha dosha.

Similarly, Extra exposure to sunlight or computer screens, mobile screen will increase Pitta dosha. Sleeping in the daytime, getting up very late in the morning affects Kapha dosha (We see, many people getting up at 9 to 10 am in the morning.)

So, if we want good eye-health, we need to have a good lifestyle. Here are some tips which would help you.

home remedies for dry eyes ayurveda
home remedies for dry eyes ayurveda

Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

  • Keep your eyes away from any screen whenever possible. At work, take a break after every 1 hour and close your eyes.
  • Splash tap water on your eyes after every hour while working.
  • Strictly avoid late-night exposures to screens.
  • Prefer paper book reading over the smart screen devices use whenever possible.
  • Take right food at the right time
  • Every meal should be a complete meal. For example, having daal, roti, vegetable, boiled salad and a small portion of rice with pure ghee is a complete meal.
  • Do not go for just one-dish meal always (Like only Biryani or a pizza)
  • Apply pure ghee to the middle of your sole. This helps your eyes way better
  • Try to use silent blue color at the workplace which cools your eyes.
Home Remedies for Dry Eyes
Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Ayurveda Treatment for Dry Eyes

Ayurveda has very good treatments and medicines for dry eyes. There is a treatment in Panchakarma called Shirodhara. This helps your eyes. 

Also, Netra-tarpan is another very good treatment to keep your eyes healthy. 

At Ojas, we use very pure and scientifically made medicines to treat dry eyes. It is a good idea to get your eyes treated at a regular interval to avoid dry eyes and keep them healthy.


After all, eyes are bread-earner organs in our body so you have to respect them a lot! None of our body parts have been abused so much due to changing lifestyles and work demands. But now, dry eyes can be treated effectively using ayurveda methods and special products.

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