Best Hair Loss Treatment for Female

Ojas offers best hair loss treatment for female and male as well, our hair loss treatment use 100% natural ingredients and we proudly make our own ayurved products with supreme quality ingredients. 

Hair Fall / Hair Loss

Today hair fall problems have increased tremendously. In our clinic, we deal with hair fall patients everyday and unfortunately many youngsters face it more.
Hair start falling, then they become very thin and dry. Growth rate of hair is very poor and so regeneration does not take place very fast. This is sometimes a very frustrating feeling

best hair loss treatment for female
best hair loss treatment for female
hair loss treatment for female
hair loss treatment for female

Why Hair Fall Happens?

Why hair fall happens? Why the frequency of hair fall problems have increased so much nowadays? Can one regain the lost hair? What precautions should be taken to prevent hair loss?

Here is some rescue for hair fall related questions and information about hair fall treatments.

Everyday when we comb our hair, some hair fall occurs. This is normal. Hair have a cycle of regeneration and fall and the cycle is  continuously  going on. But when the the hair fall is more, it appears on your clothes, towels. It also occurs on your pillow when you get up from bed. This is the indication you need help for your hair.

Reasons for Hair Fall / Hair Loss

Reasons for hair fall are many. It can be as simple as the season change, not applying oil to hair and scalp, scalp skin getting very dry. Sometimes reason of hair fall can be secondary to some physical disorder like Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Polycystic ovarian syndrome and many more.

One should remember that getting the right diagnosis done, (click here to make an appointment) is very very important before you start any treatment for hairfall. Getting panic, leads you to some unwanted and incorrect use of external applications and can lead to more hair fall and frustration.

Why Hair Fall is common these days?

Why hairfall problems are so prevalent nowadays? The answer to this is actually not only one but in many factors. One of the major reason is our diet and another reason is our changed attitude in maintaining hair, like frequent shampoo and conditioning of hair,more use of chemical hair colors, strong heating and ironing of hair. These procedures can prove hazardous to hair when used frequently.

Hair Fall and your Diet

About the diet,  Good and balanced nutrition is key to healthy hair. A good breakfast, complete 2 meals –lunch and dinner is a must for health. Nutrition for hair comes from good amount of daal,vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, fish etc. Also, just light spicy food is good for health and not a very spicy food. The adequate quantity of above said food ingredients plays a key role and the timings at which you consume it also makes decision about right nutrition.

Reality of Food and Hair Fall

But the reality about food consumption is something different. The food intake pattern has changed to a large extent. Many times due to work pressure breakfast is skipped or taken very late around 10 am. Lunch is usually very spicy, consumed at hotel or from some ordered parcel. 

The time of lunch is around 2 to 3 pm which is too late for your body clock.Dinner is equally consumed late, with some deep fried food items and spicy food. Also, eating chaat like pani puri, bhel like snacks in the evening is a norm. This contains extra salt, imli sauce. 

This food when consumed frequently affects your skin and hair. Good nutrition daily  builds good foundation for your scalp skin. Head scalp skin is the one who keeps the hair roots tightly rooted and supplies nutrition to hair. So way to good hair goes through good scalp and way to good scalp goes through good nutrition!!

Keep your Scalp healthy

Also, to keep the head scalp healthy, applying oil to it is essential. It is our tradition to apply oil to hair and scalp and we say even today, old generations have good hair and less hair problems than todays generation.

According to Ayurved, hair have a close knit relation with Vat dosh in the body. Any food or activity that increases vat dosh in the body leads to hairfall. Oil, ghee, milk, seasum , coconut are some major foods which gives best nutrition to your hair when consumed internally. These foods also act best on hair when applied externally. This is a miracle ! That is why, for hair problems medicines prepared in ghee, herbal oils, medicated milk baths are recommended in Ayurved treatments and it gives excellent results!!

Ayurvedic Treatment

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Female at Ojas

On the contrary, frequent application of soap, washing hair frequently, using hairdryer to set your hair, exposing hair to sun and wind and along with this, wrong nutrition damages your hair. This will explain, why hair loss problems have increased more.

At Ojas Ayurved clinic, we treat your hair carefully. There are good panchakarma treatment given for hair fall. We manufacture best quality, pure medicines which are given to patients. Along with this, we understand the importance of nutrition, so a detailed diet chart is given to our every patient. When such a wholesome approach is taken in the treatment of hair loss, dandruff, greying of hair and other hair related problems the results are assuring and best!

The Best Experience Ever

"My long disease is cured after getting in with Ojas Ayurved. The major advantage at Ojas is they don't depend on other product maufacturers rather they prepare their own products with all quality procedures and this makes the whole difference"
Savita Ahire
IT Professional

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