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Few Summer Health Tips with delicious drink for summers!

Summer heat is at its top from last few days. Everyone needs to be carefull while out in the sun. Here are few summer health tips for you..

  • Try to avoid going out from 12 noon to 5 evening when the heat is at its peak as far as possible
  • Always step out of the house with head cap and dark goggles
  • While you are out, always remember  to drink lots of water. It should go sip by sip.
  • It is more advisable to have lemon sharbat or coconut water. Or else you can simply go for a glass of water with one spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt into it.
  • Lime mojito is the best drink for this season !!!

How to make Mojito?

 Just take a glass of water..may be a bit cool. Add half lime”s juice, a pinch of salt to it and stir well. Add some fresh Mint leaves..(commonly called as Pudina)Keep it for 10 minutes. The mint leaves flavor gets into it then ! If you like you can add a half spoon of sugar to it too. After ten minutes it settles. Then have it sip by sip.

Another tasty drink made from black kismis and kokam !!

You know, kokam is the best fruit in summers. It has the best quality of keeping our electrolyte balance intact. So having regular kokam in your diet is always recommended in summers !Here is a delicious drink of kokam for you,

Take 2 kokam, 5 black kismis and 1 black seedless date. Soak them in a glass of water for an hour. Then just crush all items ..may be by hand or in a mixer. You can strain the solution if you want. Add some pomegranate red seeds in it after crushing. Add one piece of khadi shakkar to it. Let it set for 5 minutes. Drink is ready. This drink gives immediate energy booster and takes away the drained off feeling.

Having a glass of this drink everyday will keep you fresh and energetic all your day !!

But prepare this fresh everyday. You can not make it in a bulk and store because it gets fermented after a while.

So have these drinks and keep yourself fresh in summers !!!!

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